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Hi, my journal is friends only and highly confidential. Please message me how you know me or how you don't know me so I can add you as a friend. Thanks all. ❤️

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Gay marriage vote - Majority said yes!!!!


Found out whilst on parade this morning ❤️I'm so happy for everyone 🌈🌈 equality at last for Australians (provided it now passes through parliament).

Car accident and sandcastles

Last night I was wandering around outside a mall and kept finding coins in the grass.

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Read 1000 Books Goal
So I decided I needed some personal goals.

After watching 'The Fear of 13' on Netflix I was overwhelmed and inspired by Nick Yarris. A prisoner on death row for 20 years, he overcame adversity and with a positive attitude no less. One of the things that got him by was reading. He read 1000 books in 3 years whilst in prison. Its not like I don't read or anything, I've probably read 100s of books before, just over a longer time frame as Uni, socialising and work has had a tendency to get in the way of my passion.

In my current situation, living remotely for the past 2 years-ish there hasn't been much socialising/study to obstruct my passion for reading. There was one or two failed relationships, and ofcourse work keeps me busy. However I need some personal goals now to try and stay focused on something other than the negative aspects of feeling so isolated. I'm going to aim to read 1000 (realistically, this will take longer than my remote teaching service). I have some other goals too which are unrelated, like finally taking guitar lessons, and painting robots, when I have the spare $$ but I'm still saving for new tyres, which takes precedence when you live in the country.

So here goes, I just finished my first book from my internal prison cell, chosen from a list of 100 books to read before you die. Hopefully they get better. Any recommendations welcome.

1. Sylvia Plath - The Bell Jar (completed) 1/5
2. Mikhail Bulgakov - The Master and the Margarita (on-going)
3. Gustave Flaubert - Madame Bovary (yet to start)
4. Hellen Keller - Story of My Life (on-going)

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