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Hi, my journal is friends only and highly confidential. Please message me how you know me or how you don't know me so I can add you as a friend. Thanks all. ❤️

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Reflection of 2018 and Resolutions for 2019

Ok after reviewing the last 10 years of resolutions (click the tag if you're really interested, stalkers!) I've decided to keep  mostly to the highlights of this past year, followed by a review of my 2018 goals, and then finally my current resolutions for 2019.

Highlights for this year included: 

— Moving even further away from home (Brisbane) to Townsville. A big change from living remotely the past 4 years in Bowen but also a good mix of city and country. Overall I am positive it was the right decision, even if I do miss the beaches.

— Adventuring around Magnetic Island, Atherton and Paluma (x2).

— The day the highway north was flooded so I had to work at a different school on grade 3 — best day of the year by far work-wise, the kids and I had so much fun getting to know each other and creatively writing together.

— Getting lost with Doug whilst very sick with the flu walking around Hamilton Island trying to find the mountain, then giving up and just having mocktails by the resort pool. Then sitting on the beach for the entire afternoon getting deep and meaningful and mostly perving.

— Seeing my family and nephews at my brothers surprise wedding as well as catching up with old friends in Brisbane (James, Craig, Bec and serendipitously, Sabrina).

— Teagan getting caught up in her own knitting.

— Dancing in TJ max because Teagan made me try on crazy sneakers.

—  Hitting the Ashy Bines pop up stall after work with Teagan.

— Meeting James and Caitlin at board games night and all our deep and meaningful conversations since then.

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Gay marriage vote - Majority said yes!!!!


Found out whilst on parade this morning ❤️I'm so happy for everyone 🌈🌈 equality at last for Australians (provided it now passes through parliament).

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